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How to Install a Chain Link Fence

There are many reasons that a chain link fence is the preferred choice for people who need a barrier for any number of reasons. Aside from being easy to install, it serves many different purposes, especially safety. A chain link fence can protect children and pets in neighborhoods. This type of fence is economical, secure, and very versatile.

It is advisable to plan first before placing a chain link fence to make things simpler. You can also ask the help of your friends or professionals that are knowledgeable about the matter to make the installation easier.


Place the stakes in the property lines of your home. Tie a string between the stakes. Create eight inches wide and eighteen to thirty inches deep holes with straight sides for the posts. Use chalk to mark the base area on the posts. Once properly installed, the posts should equivalent to the fabric’s height plus 2″. Strengthen the posts with a concrete mixture. Create a heavy mix because pouring in a lot of H2O weakens the composition of the concrete, which may result in premature weakening of the set-up.

Check if the posts are installed in the middle of the holes. Use a carpenter’s level to test the plumb and make sure that the marks you have made with the chalk are at base level. Crown the footings of the post for H2O drainage. After a day, when footings have set, place the taut between the posts. It should be placed on the exterior portion of the posts, four inches below.

Beginning at the terminal post, place the fabric of the chain link fence on the area along the exterior portion of the fence boundary line to the succeeding terminal post. Carefully place the tension bar through the 1st layer of the fence. Secure the bar and chain link fabric to the tension bands. Place the additional features like caps to the terminal post and upper rail. Install the rail bands.

Spread the chain link fabric on the frame, smoothing the bumps along the way. Place the hinges to the post of the gate. Check if all the bolts are secure.


It is advisable to educate yourself first with fitting use in fences and their equivalent uses. . The width for lone walk gates is thirty-six inches-forty-eight inches. The width for double drive gates is ten ft.-12 ft.

The line posts should be placed in a way that their middle part is the same with middle part of the terminal posts. .

A rule that you should follow when placing the chain link fabric is that you should exceed ten ft. between the fence posts. If there a bad portion in the whole set-up, use a bolt cutter to remove it.

In addition to using a fence in residential, commercial, and industrial areas, there are many uses in recreation for the fencing as well. Baseball fields, softball fields, football fields, tracks, and parks all use chain link fences around the world. You can also find them around many tennis courts, soccer fields, and swimming pools. For crowd control at construction sites and special events, a temporary fence is also often the best choice. A temporary fence is not only temporary and easily installed and removable, but it still serves its purpose as a means of barrier and security as well.

What to Consider When Building a Fence


Building a fence to match wits with nature can be a harrowing prospect. It’s a difficult task to build just about anything that needs to stand the test of time, spend all its life outdoors and face every kind of weather scenario imaginable, let alone one that is supposed to serve as a beauty mark on your property for all the years to come. It may seem difficult, but it’s not impossible. With some specific preparation, you can have the Best Fence in town.

Always keep in mind that the Best Fence is one that is built to last. The sun’s ultraviolet rays, heat, and cold temperature extremes, as well as drought and rain all, have to be considered in the very conception of the fence. When putting up a Custom Fence around your yard, what to consider when building a fence.

Start with the sun and heat. A significant portion of your fence is likely to be made of wood, so you’re going to want a sturdy kind wood that can withstand sun damage over time. Certain colors of stain are more resistant to UV damage, and certain brands of clear finishes contain UV blockers to help ward off the sun’s damaging rays. Some people prefer to avoid wood fences altogether and can afford an iron fence, but even iron rusts over time and must maintain a protective coating.

The cost is significantly higher, also, for an entire fence to be made out of iron. For those who like the elegant appearance of an iron fence, but do not have the ability or desire to pay for such an expensive option. Some choose to build their fence out of durable cedar wood, with a clear protective coat and add Iron Inserts and Iron Gates as accents to make their fence more elegant.

Secondly, think about rain and snow. Water and moisture are constant threats for wood, as they cause decay and mildew and invite insects. The moisture, combined with heat and cold extremes, can also warp beams over time if left unchecked. Again, stains and finishes can help prevent much of the damage by sealing the wood and creating a barrier that prevents the water from soaking in.

Some homeowners choose Electric Gates for added security, but even these gates can be affected by the weather as well. If the gate is made out of iron, it must have a proper coating so that it doesn’t rust prematurely. If it is made out of wood, the wood must be sealed to protect it from moisture and preferably stained also with a UV resistant coating. The electronic controls for the automatic gate can even be compromised and damaged by extreme weather. A reliable fence company will install your electronic components in a way that will protect them from weather damage. If you do opt for an electric automatic gate, a wireless keypad is always recommended.

Your fence should be built from the very beginning in a way so that it will resist weather and environmental damage. Local and experienced fence companies know the threats to your new fence that are most common to your area, and they can answer many questions you might have regarding having your fence built in the most durable way possible. Ask your fence company for a free estimate.

Ask them about the length of their warranty, which should give you an indication as to how strong their fences are. Ask about the different types of materials they use, sealants they have available and how each of these products stands up to the local weather and climate. Ask about any Fence repair that they might offer, and keep this in mind later for if something happens to your fence.

You want your fence to be the best there is, and to stand up to any and all surprises life has to offer. Don’t be unprepared for disasters. Protect your fence from the wear and tear of time. Your fence is an investment. An investment in your property, the protection and privacy of your family, and investment in your peace of mind. When you know you have a solid fence made from the best materials available on the market, with a long warranty from the best fence company, you can rest assured that your fence is prepared for the worst and you have taken all steps possible to protect what is important.


Planting Grass in 5 Easy Steps

Everyone loves that lawn surrounding their home, or a field that brings in that rich, fresh green, natural look. It all starts with a seed, it grows into that grass lawn that everyone marvels at. It is therefore advisable to consider the location in which the grass is to be grown. How is the soil acidity? What type of grass best suits the area? If you have previously grown a lawn, is the one you want to add compatible to the already existing one?

When is the best time for planting grass seeds? Grass seeds are planted in spring and fall, for better, desired results.

One mistake most people make is approximating how much seed they need, then in the end, running out of the seed. To avoid this circumstance, it is better to buy seeds in surplus than for it to become scarce- buy more than enough, to be on the safe side.

Preparing the soil is most crucial part. Loosen the top soil- two to three inches from the top. Removing debris such as sticks and stones is compulsory. Break up the soil clumps that are larger than your palm. It is also good to level the ground where water might soak up. Then you are good to go.

Unlike what is expected, applying weed killer on your seed bed before you plant is not a good idea, but rather, the seed will die prematurely as it will be killed by the weed killer. Only use weed killer after you have planted the seed. Most preferred is using mechanical means such as digging out the weed, instead of using chemicals.

So now you have known best type of seed to plant, have prepared the seed bed. The next step is to irrigate the seed bed at least two weeks prior to planting. This will ensure the soil has soaked up enough water hence ready for the seed.

To ensure complete coverage, sow half the seed in one direction then the remaining half in at right angles. After planting, using mulch to cover the seed area is advised. This will not only keep the seed area moisturized but also prevent birds from eating the seeds. Steer manure is preferred as it also adds nutrients to the seeds.

.Water frequently so as to keep the seeds moist. However, do not saturate. You may cut back to watering only once a day as soon as the grass reaches about one inch in height. This is because the grass is past the germination stage, and can now be watered less frequently.
<p>Mow when the grass reaches two and a half inches. This should not be done any time lesser than the stated. It is also risky not to mow after the grass has grown to three inches. Great caution should be taken since after it has been mowed for three times, a regular watering scheme should be applied one inch per week.

Apply a starter fertilizer after the seeds germinate, then later on after three to four weeks into growth. This is because the fist application is leached down as you constantly water the seed for normal growth, sending them beyond the roots where the young plants cant reach.

From then, just water less frequently, and watch the grass seed grow into the beautiful lawn you desire. Planting grass requires a bit of work, but when done well, the results are astonishing- and worth it.

Creating a Barrel BBQ Pit


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